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Creating Solutions For You Cims Information Management System

Church Information Management System

What is Cims?

Cims software assists Clergy and Church Administrators
in the management of their Church Information.

Why buy Cims?

Your Church information will be organized and your
Church administrative tasks streamlined.

Your Church information will be stored in one place.

You will save time because Cims reduces repetitive
clerical tasks and provides continuity of your Church

Cims security features will keep your Church information safe.

Because Cims is intuitive and flexible, it is easy to use.

Cims is easy on your budget. You buy only the modules that you need.

Cims has been developed by a Canadian company using Canadian Churches as a model.
Cims Information Management System

What Cims organizes and manages!

Church Member Communication Lists

Labels, envelopes and letters


Vendors providing services to your Church

Church Groups and Group Schedules

Church Member Pastoral Care

Church Keys

Church Inventory

Church Events and Church Calendar Dates

Church Library

Church Communication Lists to the national Church level for Clergy/Staff, including address, phone, fax, etc.

Church Statistics Generated by Cims!

Standard Church Statistics generated by Cims

Baptism, Marriages, Deaths, Attendance/Communion Counts

Diocesan statistics

Church Member birthdays and wedding anniversaries dates
Other Statistics generated by Cims that may be useful in the management of your Church tasks

Identify new Church Members so you can help them ease into Church life

Know the occupational talents of your Church Members when planning upcoming projects

Group your Church Members by age so you can more effectively plan your Church activities
And more
Cims Information Management System

Security in Cims!

Cims security will keep your Church information safe. Confidentiality is secured by multiuser security. Each authorized user has access to specific areas within Cims relating to the administrative position of that authorized user. There can be as many as eight authorized users as set out below.


Envelope Secretary

Inventory Secretary

Event Coordinator

Church Secretary

Pastoral Care Secretary

Key Secretary

Library Secretary